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rafturi metalice de la a la z

Rafturi metalice de la A la Z was born to simplify the comercial furniture and units aquisition procces. We offer a various type of products, wall metalic units, metalic gondola units, fruits and vegetables units, wood units, high racks, cashier units, shopping baskets, accesories. All of our products are UKAS  and ISO9001 certified from manufacturer. And becouse we are trully proffesionals, our management system is ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO18001 certified

Why choose us


  • We manage many projects so far so you can count on our experience – for details click here.
  • In one single place you find all furniture and accesories that you need including cashier units, acces systems and guide systems, shopping baskets, shelves for units, hooks, fron and side grids and many more.
  • What you see on our website you will find in our warehouse too. Our stock assure a quick delivery for you.
How to find us